Top 5 Video Games

Top 5 Video Games

Video games are the most played thing now mostly by my kids and teenagers. It has become really popular for teenagers and now adults since they’re making income from this.


Apex Legends is one of the most Battle Royale games. Apex legends take on an island fighting to be the last one alive. 


GTA 5 is on my list as 2nd place because it is played by a lot of people. In this game, people have to try to complete missions to get money and items to buy properties and even fight each other.


Formula 1 is 3rd on my since it is a racing game and is played mostly by adults but still fun for teenagers. It takes place on many maps and you race to be 1st place and gain money.


Horizon 5 is 4th on my list since all you can do is build cars and race. It takes place on one map and you build your cars to make them faster or to make them drift more. People can host their races and race for money.


Microsoft Flight Simulator is 5th on my list because people can fly any aircraft anywhere in the globe, in the game of course. You can customize the aircraft and all the controls and buttons work pretty well. The Physics makes it very realistic as well.