Top 5 Singers


My top 5 favorite singers.

#5- Insane Clown Posse. This is because ICP has a very accepting fanbase. They accept anyone to be a “Juggalo”. This is their name for their fan base. They also do white and black face makeup.

#4-Billie Eilish. This is because she is a very talented artist. She started her career at just 13 years old. Her songs are so pretty and fun to listen to.

#3- Doja Cat. This is because she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her or her music. Her music is also very catchy.

#2- Tyler the Creator. His songs are very creative lyrics-wise. And his songs are very catchy and they’ll get stuck in your head. I love his album ‘Igor” because it has a storyline

#1- Mitski- She is the most emotional songwriter I like. Her songs have so much passion in them. She really gets you to feel what she felt in that certain song.