Top 5 Kanye West Songs

Top 5 Kanye West Songs

Kanye West is a very talented songwriter and performer.

Due to that fact, this is a much-needed list.

Starting off at #5 we have Stronger.

Stronger, released in 2007 on his album “Graduation”, is a very great, very popular song of his which is mainly played as a “hype song” for many athletes or teenage boys figuring out their self-worth.

At #4 we have Gold Digger.

Gold Digger, released in 2005 on his album “Late Registration” featuring Jamie Foxx, is one of Kanye West’s most memorable and popular songs, but because of that, it gets very overplayed and can get old quickly, this song was his initial biggest climb to musical fame.

At #3 we have All of the Lights.

All of the Lights, released in 2011 on his album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, is a fan favorite “just got over a breakup song” that brings many teenagers and adults a happy spirit while rockin’ out in the car. This is a fan favorite.

At #2 we have Flashing Lights.

Flashing Lights, released in 2007 on his album “Graduation” featuring Dwele, is a very commercial-type sounding song that has been branded in commercials such as “2018 J’adore Dior the New Absolu” and so on. It is overall a very vibe-worthy song.

As the best for last, we have #1 Runaway.

Runaway is a 9-minute and 8-second song featuring Pusha T. Runaway is a mainly piano-based song with its music video featuring ballet dancers telling a story through their dance. It was his second single from his fifth studio album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. Kanye West significantly boosted his hype and music through the production of this song and for that, we are all very grateful.