Top 5 Months


#5: January
I hate January. It’s literally so boring. I think if January had a color it’d be gray. If your birthday is in January I feel bad for you.

#4: August
Summertime yay! But school starts. So that bumps it down a few places. Also, it’s hot, but not a good kind of hot. It’s really humid and miserable.

#3: April
My birthday is in April so I think it’s obvious why I like it. But there’s also spring break & warmer weather.

#2: December
Don’t get me wrong. Summer is like my favorite time ever, but something about December just feels different. I don’t know how to describe it. Christmas is my favorite holiday though so that might be a reason.

#1: July
July is right in the middle of summer & summer is my favorite season. I like to go to the beach and go swimming, and summer just has like good energy. I also really like the 4th of July.