Top Five Power Rangers RPM Episodes


#5: “Ranger Blue.” This episode tells the backstory of Ranger Operator Series Blue, also known as Flynn McAllistair. Although his backstory is very entertaining to learn about, what makes this episode so entertaining is its humor. The episode almost makes fun of itself, mocking many tropes present within the Power Rangers franchise, such as frequent explosions and obnoxiously loud morphing calls. The meta humor is used to drive the plot of the episode, making for a very entertaining experience for young and older fans alike.

#4: “Ghosts.” This episode is a part-two to the previous episode, Embodied. It picks up the story of the RPM rangers traveling to the mysterious Omega City in an attempt to help the main character, Dillon, discover his past. The episode has many twists and turns, keeping the viewer engaged throughout the entire time. It is also the episode that introduces the auxiliary gold and silver rangers to the audience. 

#3: “Key to the Past.” This is a pivotal episode in the overarching story of the series. It reveals a major surprise to both the audience and Dillon, who has been on the hunt for his lost sister since the beginning of the series. The emotions in this episode can tear a viewer apart while still keeping them engaged in the story. 

#2: “Brother’s Keeper.” This episode, like “Key to the Past,” is another major part of Dillon’s story. We learn how he lost his memories, as well as critical information about his status as a hybrid, meaning that he is partially machine. As with the rest of the episodes that focus on Dillon, it is filled with emotion and drama, keeping the viewer interested in what could possibly happen to Dillon next.

#1: “Danger and Destiny, Part II.” This episode is the finale of the series and by far the best finale in all of Power Rangers history. It is jam-packed with twists, action, emotion, and triumphs. Every character gets a happy ending, which includes the characters that probably didn’t deserve one. Although viewers are left with a feeling of joy seeing the rangers get their happy endings, the massive cliffhanger leaves viewers with both a pit in their stomachs and many questions, questions that aren’t answered until the release of “Power Rangers Beast Morphers,” ten years later.