Percy Jackson Books


My least favorite of the Percy Jackson books is the 2nd book Percy Jackson: the sea of monsters I find that the story moved really slow the pull to the characters was not as good in the other books the places they explored weren’t as appealing and fun as they are in other books and did and I just felt like this was a chore to read compared to the others.

In 4th place Percy Jackson: Battle Of The Labyrinth brought the story in a good direction toward the finale and gave some good history for the world but it did not really appeal to a sense where what happens next but you get the feeling are they gonna escape which I felt was not the best feeling for this book.

In 3rd place is Percy Jackson: The Lightning Theif I feel like this was a great start to the series and gave the think who took the bolt who can you and who can’t you trust what gods are good and what aren’t it makes feel a connection to the new characters you meet.

In 2nd place is Percy Jackson: The Titan’s Curse in this you realize that the gods aren’t truly immortal and the important part that they play in this world and you realize the past for some characters’ hatred for others.

In first place is Percy Jackson: And The Last Olympian this brought a close to the series in the best way you feel the bonds to the characters the hardest and the last battle is perfect it truly makes you wonder are the heroes gonna come out on top or are the villains gonna silence the heroes and brought a close to one series and gave birth to the start of another and when you read the last page you feel truly satisfied.