WATCH Shameless


Shameless is a show on netflix that is a funny show but a sad one at the same time. The show was made in January 2011, directed by William H Macy. 


Shameless is about 6 kids whose parents didn’t really care about them so the older sister Fiona took care of her 5 siblings. Their dad frank did live with them but he was an alcoholic and a drug addict who didn’t pay attention to his kids the mom wasn’t there for them at all. In this show, they all stayed in the same house in Chicago.


They had a hard life they struggled to pay the bills and pay for food but the Fiona would always make sure her siblings were fed. The other 2 older brothers Ian and Lip as kids would have to steal things to help there older sister out. 


By the second season the kids were getting older their dad Frank was still an alcoholic he wouldn’t help out just drink and live there all his own kids hated him. Their mom try to come back to say she changed but they didn’t want her in their life still


Fiona’s siblings Ian, Lip, Debby, Carol, and Liam didn’t want anything to do with their parents because they were drug addicts and alcoholics and crazy I didn’t like how their parents would care then not care they would do the same thing but I like how they always stayed strong and stook up from there own self.