Coco Melon review

Coco Melon review
Coco melon is a very superior tv show. It’s a very basic simple cinematic master peace that is designed and executed perfectly. 

Some people think it’s dumb, “Look, Cocomelon is not the sort of thing that holds up to scrutiny well. It’s cloying and simplistic and repetitive and unless you happen to be suffering from a very specific type of hangover, not designed to be watched by adults at all.” The Guardian. 

I strongly disagree with this statement, Coco melon is a great show for all and everyone of any age, it’s fun and exciting while teaching you life lessons. 

“I’ve seen a couple of very negative reviews for this sweet, innocent show. I think some may be turned off because the stories portray an average family where the parents love their children and vice versa. It’s a simple concept that’s designed to entertain young children, which it does. When my 2-year-old grandson watches, he’s not looking for Pavarotti from Carnegie Hall or the dramatic readings from James Earl Jones. Evidently, he’s looking for exactly what this show has to offer. It’s the only show he asks for by name.” Steve Cook.

I Agree with this review 100 percent. A lot of people hate the show and have bad things to say about it, but you can say bad things about anything and you can pick out imperfections in anything. I think it’s a great show that everyone needs to watch it.