DO NOT Watch Ginny and Georgia

DO NOT Watch Ginny and Georgia

Ginny and Georgia is probably the worst show I have ever watched. 

This Netflix original show was released on February 24, 2021. This show is rated TV-14 and was directed by Anya Adams. Ginny is based on the two actors, Antonia Gentry (Ginny) and Brianne Howey (Georgia), and their relationship and life as mother and daughter. 

The series continues with the plot of a teenage daughter being more mature than her mother.  The mother has left her past behind her and decided to give her kids a better life. As she settled down with her two kids, their life was predictable. 

The few things that were decent in the show were the setting. It had a good layout between the homes, the schools, etc. Throughout the show, I did enjoy the flashbacks that were occurring with Georgia (mother). The show has certain characters that people might be able to relate to and learn from. 

Now, the Netflix series was honestly pointless. It was just a knock-off version of the show “Gilmore Girls.” It was this show that was so predictable and “cringe.” The main character was this self-absorbed girl who didn’t appreciate the people around her. The costumes we questionable, and that also goes for a few scenes.

Overall, this show is a waste of time. Ginny and Georgia is the show that I would turn on to go to sleep to. This show doesn’t keep me intrigued about what might happen next. Although there might be a few good things about it, the show seems like a failure.