Shooter(TV Series) Review

Shooter(TV Series) Review

Shooter(TV Series) is a masterpiece of a show.


Drama, Action, Thriller. Rated TV-14. Released 2018. Directed by John Hlavin. The lead actor is Ryan Phillippe, is Streamed on Netflix.


Shooter is about an ex-marine sniper that has been framed for murder and is now on the run from any threat you can imagine, running from Russians, the police, other ex-military, and even drug bosses.


I personally loved the acting by the lead actor and everyone else, The intense music and the plot of the story is just amazing and very well put together.


Something that I did not like about this show is the points where things do not make sense, because of the fast-paced story of this show you have to pay attention 100% of the time, if you do not you will get lost in whats happening.


In my opinion, this show is definitely a very good choice of something to watch and I believe everyone who is interested in these kinds of shows should.