Shameless is a show on Netflix about a family of 6 kids in a dysfunctional Chicago family while coping with their drunk and selfish father. The kids steal food and money to be able to live while their father takes and doesn’t help, and is never around. The show emphasizes the importance of family and support systems without portraying the characters as perfect.

It is rated TV-14 but the show is quite adult-oriented and isn’t really age-appropriate for younger teens.

The main casts names in the show are Emmy Rossum acting as Fiona, Jeremy Allen White acting as Lip/ Philip, William H. Macy acting as Frank, Cameron Monaghan acting as Ian, Ethan Cutkosky acting as Carl (also later known as “white boy carl”), Emma Kenney acting as Debbie, Chloe Webb acting as Monica (the mother), Brenden Sims earlier in the show acted as Liam and later on Christian Isaiah acting as Liam.

William H. Macy won a Screen Actors Guild Award for playing Frank.

The oldest daughter Fiona raises her 5 younger siblings all on her own after their mom left out of nowhere one day.

The show was filmed in South Side Chicago.

Shameless is an American comedy-drama television series developed by John Wells that aired on Showtime from January 9, 2011, to April 11, 2021. The series finale of “Shameless” drew 1.511 million total viewers across multiple platforms, according to Showtime.

On the brink of losing their home at least once a season and without the guidance of either parent, the Gallaghers’ reality of lying, cheating, punching, and stealing their way through the South Side are very relatable to too many Americans.