Review Of Uncharted


Uncharted is the best movie that came out this year and was a masterpiece for the genre that it came out in this year.

It is an Action/Adventure movie and is PG-13, One of the main actors is Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg and the actors play the characters Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan the director of the movie is Ruben Fleischer and you can view this movie on Netflix.

A sorta brief summary of the plot of the movie is that Nathans’s brother always dreamed of finding this treasure and later on he tries to find the treasure. Later on, in the movie, he finds different allies and they go to different parts of the world to find clues to get to the tresure.

A positive aspect of the movie is character development along with the fight scenes and the world that they build in this movie and the music in this movie helps make the fights even better along with the great moments.

This movie was close to perfect at some times it was kinda slow but they always pick it back up they could have tried to make it a bit funnier.

Overall it is worth the money to watch the world and characters and the scenes in it will make it all the better and who knows you might pay to watch it again