Parking pass

Parking at St. James High School should be free. I shouldn’t have to pay $30 for a parking pass.

I understand that the schools need to make money but they make enough from sporting events a taxes to not need my hard-earned $30. Alex says, “I also think that the school shouldn’t make us pay to park, this isn’t the airport.”

If the passes were $5 then it wouldn’t be as big of a deal, $30 could fill my tank up for the week. $5 is more reasonable for a little sticker that cost a dime to print. 

“At many public high schools, students are charged fees to park their cars in the school parking lot. This fee ranges anywhere from $75, the current rate in Keller ISD, all the way to $200, the current rate in Wake County, North Carolina. School administrators often defend these fees by saying they are not a tax, and that the ability to drive to school is a privilege, not a right.”

I disagree with the idea that being able to drive to school is a privilege, not a right. I worked hard for my truck, I passed my driver’s test and spent over $300 on driver’s ed so I could get my license. I have every right to drive and should be allowed to for free. You don’t pay my bills so why should I pay yours?