IPhone vs Androids

IPhone vs Androids

iPhone should be the main communication device, not Androids. 


Asking anyone here as teenagers they will have an iPhone. 


When you use an Androids the chats turn green, can’t see if it went threw and you can’t facetime anyone. There are a lot of features on the iPhone that Androids don’t have. They just came out with an apple tag to help find it.


Taylor Nicks says, “Iphones are more expensive but work better than Samsung.”


People who have Samsungs say Apple Pay when they don’t have an Apple product. When someone has an Android 99.9% of them don’t know how to use it. They are usually older or a parent.


Mr. Moore says, “I like the flexibility of Android because you can customize your device.”


On an iPhone, you can customize the home screen, apps, and messages. You cant play iMessage games on an Andriod.


The future should lower iPhone prices just a bit and help expand the percentage of people with an iPhone.