Criminal Minds is Superior

Criminal Minds is Superior

You should watch Criminal Minds it is the best show!

Criminal Minds is a show focused on FBI agents in the BAU, these agents are given backgrounds, and their character development throughout the show is the most interesting part. The series is everywhere on the globe, they travel somewhere new for each investigation. Even if it is known as an off-brand Law & Order, Criminal Minds will always be a top choice. 

The series Criminal Minds has such an interesting timeline throughout the whole show. The relationships made throughout the show make everything better. The loved ones lost, the relationships made, and lifelong friendships, all of it is something that will keep you intrigued by the show. 

“It gives you such a rush and thrill,” says Riley Bullock. 

This is the type of show that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The action happening will make you make predictions without you knowing, the anxious episodes will make you scared for a character, and the amazing characters and their relationships and the drama will make you have your own opinions. The characters that you wish were together will make you continue watching to see if they do end up together. 

“Because there are so much better shows, not everything is about crime,” says Alisha Patel 

Okay, yes, there are other shows, and not everything is about crime, but Criminal Minds has a lot more. There is love between characters, drama about what’s happening in their work environment, and heartfelt moments between the agents and their kids. You just have to be able to look past the crime being committed. 

Criminal Minds should always be around. As of now, they have taken it off of Netflix, but I believe it should stay. This show has brought so many people together. Shows like this are good for the world because some people can relate to the show or learn from it. Criminal Minds has taught so many people how to be safer in life.