Free Time For Students

Free Time For Students

I think students should be able to have more free time within the building of St. James High. I feel the students of this school don’t have enough of a break. 


We should have more time to transition between classes and more time to socialize. All of this falls under the category of free time, and students deserve more of it all. 


The students at St. James High during the 2022 – 2023 school year don’t have nearly enough free time. 


Corbin McConville says, “we need playground!” 


As you can see, the students are dying to have more time for themselves and their friends. This social time would benefit students’ performance in school, as well as their performance in situations outside of the education system. 


“Research shows that both having and deciding how to spend leisure time can be very stressful,” Aysha Imtiaz says. 


Aysha disagrees with the free time extension because too much free time can be hurtful. However, students will never have enough free time. Students should receive more breaks and more time on these breaks.