Dress Code Should Be Changed

Dress Code Should Be Changed
The school dress code in the Horry county district should be changed. 

In all the schools of the Horry county district, the dress code has been affecting the students recently because the administration thinks wrongly of our choices. 

I think the dress code should be changed for many reasons. One, we have to wear shorts that are a dollar bill length from our knee, which I know I don’t own any shorts that long and can guess that most girls (maybe guys too) don’t own shorts that long either. I understand that wearing shorts that are too tight and very short is inappropriate, however, if they’re long enough to cover everything and not seen as inappropriate then the shorts should be fine. Also, athletic shorts should never be dress coded because they are very loose and not short at all. Lastly, it is too hot in South Carolina to wear pants in August/September and at the end of the school year. 

“I agree, it has definitely affected a lot of girls,” says Farah Gardner.

My second reason is the tank tops. If a guy or girl is wearing a tank top that is drooped down low on the side and showing where it is inappropriate, that should not be allowed. I just think that the two-finger rule is ridiculous because why does one less finger matter and how does it make a difference? It is just one more finger of skin showing. What is so inappropriate about shoulders? If teachers say “It is distracting to boys” that is just an excuse. I can tell you any guy you talk to will say they don’t even notice if we are wearing a two-finger tank top or one-finger tank top, and if a guy is distracted by our shoulders that should be taken up with the boys, not the women because they have their shoulder out. 

“I like the way the dress code the way it is because young people need to learn respect and one way to show respect is to dress very modestly,” Mr.Moore says. 

Mr.Moore is wrong here because we young people shouldn’t be categorized as “not knowing respect for ourselves”. If we want to wear a pair of shorts that are appropriate and cover everything, we shouldn’t be shamed for it and talked about as we’re “not respecting ourselves”. 

Futurewise I definitely think this dress code should be changed, but the students need to realize that body parts that should be covered hanging out, should not be shown because that is inappropriate.