Student Dress Code


I believe that the school dress code should change.
Some people think the dress code should be very strict rather than lenient.
Sometimes wearing clothes that obey the dress code is uncomfortable.
Guys and girls should have equal dress code rules.
“I think it is stupid, girls and guys should be able to dress comfortably without being judged,” says Taylor Nicks.
Teachers think it is distracting to people depending on what you wear. It’s your problem if you are distracted by what other people wear. says, “Whether shoulders are distracting or not depends on the person, and if boys get “distracted” by our shoulders, they should control themselves. Instead of body shaming girls and sexualizing shoulders, they should teach boys the correct behavior.”
People should be able to express themselves and wear what they want, but sometimes it goes against the dress code.
Mr. Moore says, “I understand that there should be some guidelines.”
Students should be able to wear whatever they want to express themselves and be comfortable.
In the future, I think that the dress code should become more lenient.