Women Should Have Their Own Rights


I don’t support abortion in my opinion i feel like women should have their own rights.


Women should have their own rights about their own body. I see it as if a woman isnt ready to have a child they shouldn’t be forced to have a baby and then for them to have the baby and give it up is not right.They might have made their decisions to get pregnant but there should always be able to do what they want to do or feels like right 


‘ If you don’t want a baby don’t do things to get pregnant.”


If they have that baby because they’re basically getting forced to have it and they’re not ready they would have to give the baby up for adoption and that’s sad for the kid. In my opinion, I don’t think its right that kids should be away from their own families so there for when a family isn’t ready they shouldn’t be forced.


“ Woman should be able to control their own body and do what they want”.