Dress Code Needs to be Changed at St. James

Dress Code


The St James High School dress code should be changed.

At St James High School, we have a strict dress code. We can’t wear shorts unless it’s dollar bill length below the knee. I understand short shorts that are tight should not be acceptable. Some girls are also taller than other girls, so it makes them look shorter and they get dress coded. 

The reason why I feel that this should be changed is that it is hot when the school first starts back and girls want to wear shorts. It is hard to find long shorts as well. 

“It is very hot in South Carolina, and I think it is ridiculous,” Lauren says.

South Carolina weather is very hot — we are talking like 90 to 100 degrees. I think they should try to be lenient about that knowing that it is so hard to find long shorts and that taller girls struggle more with wearing shorts.

“No shorts should be allowed because there are a lot of grown men around,” says Kyra.

I think she is so wrong about that because we as girls should not have to stop wearing what we feel comfortable in because men don’t know how to control themselves.