St. James High School should start at 10am starting August 2023.


St. James High School should start at 10 am starting August 2023.

8:20 am the school day starts at St. James High at 10 am, this affects teachers and students because they all have to get up early and they might not all be fully awake which can affect the rest of their day.

Your brain does not fully wake up until 10-11 am. The school day starts close to 8 am and many students are not fully awake at that time, and that does affect their school performance. Also with later start times, teachers can have more time to plan for their school day in the morning. Teachers can get way more done in the morning, and not have to stay up so late the night before finishing work.

“brains’ developmental time does not start until 10 or 11 in the morning,” said Health Officials at Baltimore Sun.

Some believe the school day should continue starting at 8:20am.

“The school day needs to start early so that it can finish early and you can do your sports activities after,” said Mr. Moore.

This is wrong because you can do sports in the morning, that’s a great way to get your day started rather than sitting in a classroom at 8:20am taking a test. In the future I believe the school day should start at 10 am and I think we really would see an increase in school performance here at St. James.