Electric Cars Replacing Gas Powered Cars

Electric Cars Replacing Gas Powered Cars

Electric cars replacing gas cars are going to be a big impact on the world. I think electric cars should replace gas cars because they could save so much money for people.


Electric cars are being planned to overrule gas cars by banning gas cars by 2035 in California. I think it would save time for so many people and it would be more helpful since you won’t have to stop as much.

Changing America says, “California’s decision to ban new gas-powered car sales by 2025 sheds light on similar initiatives introduced in other states.”


I think that not all states should ban gas-powered cars since many people will be mad at this decision. Many will try to bring them back so there is no point in even trying to ban them in all states.


Changing America says, “A total of 15 states have backed California’s zero-emissions vehicle requirements, while Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, and New York have taken steps to follow suit.”


These decisions will mess up many companies and we might never see them again. They would lose a lot of money for the company and this could change many things.


Only a few states should ban gas-powered vehicles. This way it could be fair for the people that like gas-powered vehicles and for the people that like electric vehicles