Batmen are Robbing Churches


What do a certain 25-year-old man from Spartanburg and a different man from Alabama have in common?

They’ve both robbed churches while wearing Batman costumes.

Dalton Alexander Lazurick, the 25-year-old culprit, was arrested on July 28 for stealing $700 dollars worth of equipment from a South Carolina church.

Lazurick was seen on security footage entering the building through an unlocked window at 10:55 pm.

“The white male walked across the hall into an office where he discovered a Batman costume,” the police report states. “He then puts on the costume and goes into other offices, taking computer monitors and other items.”

In the recording, Lazurick is seen entering the hallway of the church unmasked, face in full view. A different camera angle shows him walking down an unseen doorway before soon dramatically reemerging in a Batman cape and mask.

He then proceeded to steal two computer monitors, a subwoofer, a Sony speaker, a keyboard, a pair of Apple air pods, a pair of Sennheiser headphones, and $25 in change. According to the police report, in a few frames of the recording, the culprit also seems to be drinking a coke as well.

In the second instance, this anonymous Albanian man burglarized TWO churches dressed as the hero of Gotham himself Thursday evening, still yet to be caught.

Video shows the caped crusader lying flat on the ground behind a short brick retaining wall apparently hiding from the surveillance camera. The culprit then stands up after crawling to what they thought was “out of sight” before stepping up over the retaining wall and right up to the camera, giving full view to a cloth Batman mask.

Police say the man stole many musical instruments and electronics.

Quite the pair of Dark Knights, huh?

Anyone with information that could help officials find the Batman impersonator are asked to contact Jasper Police at 205-221-2121, Walker County Sheriff at 205-302-6464 or Crime Stoppers at 205-254-7777.