White Rhino born at the San Diego Zoo


This white rhino looks like an elephant because of its color.

A male white rhino was born at the San Diego Safari zoo on August 6th, born to a first-time mother.

The new calf was following his new mom at the Nikita Rhino Resource Center. 

“The baby rhino is cute but also kinda weird looking,” says Mr.Moore. 

The baby rhino was born envisioned through natural breeding by J Gregory, the father. 

“Future’s new favorite thing is mud,” zookeeper Marco Zeno said. “She sees a puddle and she wants to roll in it!”

The calf and his mom, Livia, will stay in a private habitat so they have time to bond before they will be introduced to the other rhinos at the resource center. 

“That’s so sweet,” Farah Gardner says.