Giant slide in Detroit reopens to the public


Taking a ride on this slide is like being Mufasa during a stampede.

The brave and curious took their chances on a giant slide in Detroit that reopened on Friday after videos went viral of riders being thrown around along the bumpy ramp.

The Department of Natural Resources, in an attempt to reduce the bumpiness of the ride, sprayed water on the slide and advised riders to lean forward in their burlap sacks. Riders reported that the slide felt much more comfortable than it had before the modifications.

“It helps. I still don’t get it, the friction, but it helps,” says reporter Nick Monacelli after taking a go at the slide.

Many videos from the slide went viral last weekend, depicting riders being launched into the air and bouncing around. The media attention even earned a shoutout from Detroit rapper Gerald Allen in a song.

“It’s like jumping off a roof, man, you can lose a tooth,” the rapper who performs as Gmac Cash sings.

Allen gave the slide an attempt on the day of its reopening, although with his eyes closes.

“I ain’t gettin’ back on it. … It was bumpy. It hurt,” Cash says.