NASA releases stunning new image of the Phantom Galaxy



M74 shines at its brightest in this combined optical/mid-infrared image, featuring data from both the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and the NASA/ESA/CSA James Webb Space Telescope. The dust threaded through the arms of the galaxy is coloured red, and the young stars throughout the arms and the nuclear core are picked out in blue, by the James Webb Space Telescope???s Mid-InfraRed Instrument ??? MIRI. Meanwhile, the Hubble Space Telescope???s Advanced Camera for Surveys adds depth: the glow of the heavier, older stars towards the galaxy???s centre are primarily yellow, combined with the blue in this image to make a spooky green glow. The red bubbles of star formation are also visible in Hubble???s optical wavelengths. Scientists combine data from telescopes operating across the electromagnetic spectrum to truly understand astronomical objects. In this way, data from Hubble and Webb compliment each other to provide a comprehensive view of the spectacular M74 galaxy. Links Image A Image C

NASA releases a stunning new image of the Phantom galaxy.

“The images were produced by the Hubble Telescope and the James Webb Telescope showcase of the phantom galaxy, a spiral of solar systems 32 million light years away from Earth” The Webb just recently produced the first high quality image of the phantom galaxy, the Webb is also capable of observing extremely distant galaxies, allowing scientists to learn more about early star formation better. The Webb detected “delicate filaments of gas and dust” according to the European space agency. The phantom galaxy is a spiral galaxy known as the “grand design spiral” formally known as the M74. Camryn said “Wow that’s so interesting, I want read more!”