Video Games affect on People

Video games have been turning people’s personalities into something different like how zombies act. Video games have been a big impact on the lives of many people.


The University of Oxford has been studying video games of how they impact people. They have done many tests on people to see how this impacts them.


The University of Oxford says, “Time spent playing video games has no effect on people’s wellbeing, a study from the University of Oxford has found, countering fears that gaming could be harmful to mental health.”


The University of Oxford has been working with multiple game publishers to study them. They have gotten the actual gameplay of the game publishers to have more data on this affects people.


“With the cooperation of seven different game publishers, who agreed to share data without control over publication, they were able to track the gameplay habits of almost 40,000 individual gamers, all of whom consented to join the study,” says the University of Oxford.


The University of Oxford has made the data on the impacts of video games. Video games give people a lack of motivation and well-being.


The University of Oxford says, “With 40,000 observations across six weeks, we really gave increases and decreases in video game play a fair chance to predict emotional states in life satisfaction, and we didn’t find evidence for that – we found evidence that that’s not true in a practically significant way.”