Alligator Confuses Runway For Water – Briefly Delays Charleston Flight


A baby alligator briefly delayed the landing of a flight in Charleston on August 29th.

The pilot of the flight announced over the intercom that the flight would be slightly delayed, as the pilot would wait for the alligator to cross the road.

John Moroney, a passenger on the flight, snapped a quick photo of the gator as it attempted to make its way to the other side of the runway.

“If that happened on my flight, I would say ‘wheels up’ because I have places to be,” says teacher Adam Jones.

According to the SCDNR, there are around 100,000 alligators in South Carolina alone. If AP Human Geography teacher Mr. Hudacko was a pilot, that number would drop to 99,999.

Mr. Hudacko has been quoted as saying “run it over” when talking about the animal.

Judging by the pilot’s actions, the goal of this wild encounter was to not harm the animal.

“I would be annoyed,” says Conway High School student Carolina Barragan-Carrasco.