The Search for an Armed and Dangerous Man Ended, Associate Still on the Loose


Wanted Senque Rashad-Tyrek Robinson, an armed and dangerous man, was arrested in Sumpter on Friday for conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

On July 28, Priscilla Graves, an alleged associate, was also arrested, and following the initial arrest, more evidence was verified and Graves was charged with murder on August 2 as well.

In July, Robinson allegedly conspired with Priscilla Graves to rob Wille Mcduffie, Graves luring Mcduffie to the own auto repair garage where he worked, subsequently leading to Mcduffie being robbed of a large sum of money and shot several times. 

The 70-year-old Lee County resident died at the scene and his body wasn’t found until the maintenance shop was about to open for business. 

Despite the arrests, the sheriff’s office says that the investigation is still active. In addition to Graves and Robinson, the is said to be another person of interest in the shooting.