A California Home Abduction


From a California home on August 27th, a 2-year-old girl was abducted from her mother by the mom’s ex-boyfriend, also known as the father of the girl; later on, authorities were able to return her back to where she belonged. 

This young girl was kidnapped by her biological father after he brutally assaulted his ex, the girl’s mother.

“He proceeded to drag her across the house by the hair, hit her multiple times, and produced a handgun while threatening to kill her,” the San Bernardino Police Department said.

This man was known as Raymond Ornelas, 30, and was arrested by the SWAT team they charged him with domestic violence, burglary, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Riley Bullock says, “That’s scary.” 

The police were able to locate Ornelas and safely rescued the girl to return to her mother unharmed. Ornelas was then booked in jail, where he will face his charges. 

The young girl was uninjured and returned to her mother,” says the police department.