Cyclist Suleiman Kangangi Killed in a 59 mile race


In Vermont, in August 2022, cyclist Suleiman Kangangi crashed and was killed in the middle of a 59-mile race.

A 900-participant race was held in a town in Vermont. Kangangi was a very talented racer as he has won many races and was well known around his town in Kenya.

“We will all miss him as an individual. Kenya has lost a champion. Rest in peace Sule,” said Rachel Ruto.

Kangangi was a kind, heartfelt person. He was loved and cared for by many. He was a treasure and was a great husband and father”

“He was a kind friend and an inspiring and heroic athlete to his teammates and the gravel cycling community at large. We extend our deepest sympathies to his family, his friends, Team Amani, and the people of Kenya who are mourning his loss today,” said the owner of the Vermont Overland, Ansel Dickey, in a statement.

Many see him as a mentor and friend. Many have been hurt by his tragic death. Lots have mourned and been truly affected by this legend’s death.

“Instead of leading us at the front of the pack, he will now lead us as our guiding pole star as we press forward in the realization of his dream,” said Team Amani.