Biden Student Loans

Biden Student Loans

Presiden Biden least Wednesday signed an agreement to cancel $10,000 dollars worth of student loan debt for borrowers making under $125,000 dollars a year or couples making under $250,000 dollars a year.


Also according to the Wall Street Journal that even some people may be eligible to get $20,000 dollars of in terms of their student debt.


“I believe that more student debt should have been more than what he erased, I believe more student debt should have been erased because it causes stress to all adults who went to college though i am appreciated that some have been erased” Abby Wash


People online believe that erasing the student debt was a way to get people on his side to vote for him on another run as president.


“This is a very contervieal topic and one reason wanted to make it happen was because it was a promise he made during the campaign,” says Mr. More


Other it is a good thing but others are still a little bit skeptical

Biden’s student loan forgiveness is a good start, but it falls short for borrowers like me,” says an unnamed civilian