NASA scrubs launch of new moon rocket after engine problem


On August 29, 2022, in Cape Canaveral, Florida, NASA chose to play it safe and call off the launch of Artemis due to unexplainable engine trouble.

NASA planned to send three test dummies off to the moon in its new rocket Artemis. The next attempt to send this spacecraft off will take place Friday or may still be delayed until mid-September.

“The launch of #Artemis I is no longer happening today as teams work through an issue with an engine bleed.” NASA tweeted.

This mission happens to be the first flight in the Artemis project. This is an attempt to put astronauts back on the moon since the Apollo program ended in 1975.

“The attempt provided valuable data as we test the most powerful rocket in history. Our commitment to the Artemis Program remains firm, and we will return to the moon.” Says Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States.

While everyone eagerly watched the news and waited for the time to tick down for the launch, NASA repeatedly stopped and started the fueling of the Space Launch System rocket due to a leak of highly poisonous and explosive gasses. 

“Safety is always first,” Says NASA.