Counteroffensive launch by Ukraine to retake it’s southern areas, held by Russia.

Counteroffensive launch by Ukraine to retake its southern areas, held by Russia.

Ukraine’s military has launched a counteroffensive attack with weeks of buildup to use against Russian forces since Monday morning throughout different Russian-held areas in Ukraine.

In recent weeks, Kyiv has shown increasing confidence and taken the initiative in a fight that the Kremlin itself has acknowledged is stopped. Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for the southern military command, told Ukraine’s state television Suspilne,

“Today, we started offensive actions in different directions.”

They’ve promised to reclaim that land.

The core of the southern front lines is Kherson, which Russia completely seized in March.

“We do not declare the beginning of the offensive or the end of the offensive,” In a phone statement, Humeniuk stated. “But under the pressure of our actions, the enemy began to retreat. It is currently recorded that the enemy has withdrawn from some of its positions.”

Although not verified by major sources.

According to early reports, Ukrainian forces have reportedly breached the first line of Russian defenses in areas near Kherson.

“These were likely defended by some of the weaker Russian forces, notably from the occupied eastern areas of Ukraine, and the real test of Ukraine’s ability to turn back the Russian forces is still likely to lie ahead,” Neil Melvin said.

With this being told it’s clear that Ukraine is finally making progress after six months of neutrality.