Staff Profile: Alisha Patel


Smart, Social, Independent.

These three words perfectly describe Alisha Patel, a 16-year-old junior at St. James Highschool.

Alisha takes AP classes here at St. James Highschool and manages to balance her busy school schedule with work.

“I really want to be a doctor,” Patel says.

Alisha might seem shy at first but she always finds a way to have a conversation with anyone who comes her way. When Alisha goes to work, she is in a whole new world with a whole new group of people.

“I like lunch because it is a good time for me to talk to my friends and new people,” says Alisha.

Alisha Patel is a very independent woman due to the fact she will never ask for help and always gets the job done anywhere she goes.

“I like going to work every day knowing I am making my own money for myself,” Patel says.