Staff Profile: Taylor Jones


Funny, Nice, Student.

Taylor Jones, a 16-year-old junior at St. James Highschool.

Taylor is funny and has a dog named Gracie. She has had Gracie for 10 years. She doesn’t necessarily think her dog is cute. Although she doesn’t think her dog is pretty, she sure loves her.

“Ugly crusty white rat,” says Taylor Jones.

Taylor is a nice person, she enjoys a good conversation with Alisha, and always makes sure she is up to date with my life. she likes talking to her friends and enjoys hangout out with people.

“My job is keeping up with you (Alisha),” says Taylor Jones.

Taylor is also a student in high school. She is an honors-level student. School is not her favorite place in the world but she does enjoy lunch.

“My favorite part of school is lunch because she doesn’t have to learn,” says Taylor Jones.