Staff profile: Cole Morgan


A gamer, a student, and an adventurer. 

The three words you just read are three attributes that describe Cole Morgan, a 14-year-old.

Following the first noun, one of Cole’s favorite hobbies is gaming. He plays a variety of different games; a preferred genre of his is sandbox games, where creativity is able to roam free and any idea can be executed. An example of a favorite game of he likes is Minecraft, a crafting and building game where there are little to no creative limitations.

“My favorite part about gaming is how it lets me escape from the real world and lets me experience anything within my imagination,” says Cole.

Cole is a freshman at St. James high, and his favorite subject is history. He thinks it’s “cool” to learn about things that occurred in the past,  one of his favorite historical figures is Alexander the Great. Cole admires his wit and the accomplishments of Alexander, impressed how he was able to grow his empire.
“If I could go back in time to meet any historical character, I would choose to meet alexander the great, his story fascinates me and I would love to know more,” Cole says.
Cole grew up in Maryland, surrounded by woods. He often rode four-wheelers around his acres and explored his surroundings. This early exploration sparked the love for adventuring he holds today.
“I grew up in an explorable area and have loved aventuring ever since,” Cole says.