Staff Profile: Hunter Spurlin


Hunter Spurlin is 15 years old and lives in South Carolina, He has one brother beau. He plays football and track, he plays wide receiver and has caught a touchdown before.

Widefeciver, Sibling, Consumer. These words describe Hunter Spurlin

Hunter enjoys playing football and track

“I have caught a touchdown before,” Hunter says

That is an amazing achievement for a football player. He also has some cool hidden talents, he can eat a lot of food if he needs to and his stomach will not even be affected. Hunter has a brother named beau.

“Beau is great at basketball,” says Hunter

Beau definitely gives hunter buckets on the weekend, he probably dunks on him too. Hunter likes to study animals.

“A gorilla is my favorite animal.” says hunter.

A gorilla is a powerful ape with a big head and a short neck. Hunter sometimes tries to act like a gorilla and beat his chest and make gorilla noises