Staff Profile: Marwill Romero


Student, hard-working and funny.

These three words accurately describe Marwill Romero, a 16-year-old junior at St. James High School.

Marwill enjoys playing soccer. He was about 7 years old when he taught himself how to play. His cousin was a big inspiration for finding interest in soccer. 

“Even though I suck I still enjoy it,” says Marwill.

Driving around town with music blasting and all windows down is something he does any chance he gets because it is one of the best distractions from whatever stress. 

“I’m actually a good driver even though I drive illegally,” says Marwill. 

 Marwill has a weekly routine of chasing his dogs throughout the woods. Even though he knows how the outcome will be, he proceeds to make his day a little bit harder than it needs to be. 

“I literally waste my time because they always come back,” says Marwill.