Staff Profile: Riley Bullock


Riley Bullock, a 15-year-old sophomore at St. James, he plays basketball here and averages 27 points per game. He does this because of his love of the game, mentality, and determination. 

Riley plays small forward for the St. James’s Junior Varsity basketball team.

Riley says, “I averaged 27 points per game.” 

With Riley’s size surely that’s not the only statistics he gets. 

Furthermore, he is a brother along with two other siblings, Emery and Davis. 

Riley says, “I have two brothers.” 

They both also play basketball and hopefully in the future are prodigies like Riley. 

Riley works at Chick Fil A and hands out orders to customers there.

Riley says, “I gave an older attractive woman her food the other day.” 

However, he informed us that he quit yesterday.