Staff Profile: Nancy Inkpen


Student, Musician, Photographer.

These three words accurately describe Nancy Inkpen, a 15-year-old sophomore at St. James.

Nancy is a student. She is a sophomore at St. James Highschool. Her classes are Choir, Biology 1, Economics, and Journalism.

“I love school. Especially lunch, it’s my favorite,” Nancy says.

Nancy is a musician. She enjoys playing the piano and the electric guitar on the side. She also sings in the school choir.

Nancy says, “I’ve done a piano recital before, it went great! I think I did well.”

Nancy is a photographer. She likes to take specific photos during her free time, she takes landscape pictures of the beach, sunsets, outside, and a lot more.

“The coolest picture I’ve taken was a picture of a white heron bird on the beach during a sunset,” Nancy says.