Staff Profile: Corbin McConville


Corbin is a bit of a Greasemonkey, and a drifter. He is a northerner from Ohio. 

Corbin is a 16-year-old sophomore at St. James High School. He enjoys the school as well as the people in it.

Corbin being a Greasemonkey is pretty cool, he likes to work on bikes.

“I work on bikes at my brother’s shop,” says Corbin.

Corbin is also into drifting, he hasn’t done so professionally, however, he enjoys it.

“I can drift pretty good, it’s fun to do,” says Corbin.

Corbin is a northerner as well, he was born in Ohio.

Corbin says, “I was born in Ohio, but I moved to South Carolina because my parents liked it better.” 

Corbin is an interesting guy with various hobbies, he enjoys things that some people wouldn’t be fond of. Corbin finds fun in every situation and every circumstance, especially when he’s working on a bike.