Staff Profile: Taylor Freeman


Taylor Brook

Interesting family, athletic, traveler

These three words accurately describe Taylor Freeman, a 15yr old sophomore at St. James. 

Taylor Freeman has a very chaotic and weird family. She has one younger, one older brother, and one older sister. She has a pit bull, a black lab, a leopard gecko, two hermit crabs, and used to have a beta fish but her dad killed it while cleaning the tank cause he forgot to rinse out the soap.

She says, “at family gatherings, there are 15 conversations and they understand all of it.”

She used to do gymnastics, cheer, soccer, volleyball, and softball. She plays lacrosse for St. James High School #7.

She used to do gymnastics at UGA in Myrtle Beach, SC when making it to the states.

Taylor says, “after competing at states I shattered my elbow and stop doing gymnastics for a year and a half. I continued to do it after, stopped, and started lacrosse.”

Taylor isn’t originally from here. She was born in Jefferson City, Missouri then moved to Corbin Kentucky with her grandma where her mom meet her dad on an online dating site. Then moved to Clio South Carolina then Myrtle Beach.

Taylor says, “she doesn’t remember any of it because she was one year old.”