Staff Profile: Conner Burns


Gamer, Chef, Moviegoer.

That’s how Conner Burns, a 15-year-old sophomore at St. James High School, could be described.

Conner enjoys playing video games in his spare time, and his favorite genre is roleplaying games. His favorite game is Trails of Cold Steel 4. 

“My favorite part of the game is how you can get attached to the story, and how it makes you feel for the characters,” Conner says.

Conner is also a cooking enthusiast. He plans to go into culinary school after he graduates.

Conner says, “I guess, the fun. You’re trapped in your own little world while you do it, and the sensation of being proud of something you made is awesome.”

A favorite pastime of Conner’s is watching movies. He enjoys spending time in the theaters, watching adventure and sci-fi.

“I like the quietness of the theater, watching the movie and wondering what is going to happen to your favorite characters next is exciting,” Conner says.