Staff Profile: Alex Martin


Ferret whisperer, these two words fit Alex, a senior at st. james high school.  

Could you live with 16 ferrets? Well, Alex does every day, he’s a ferret whisper of sorts. Axle says,

“once we got one, we just kept saving more.”

Over time he eventually ended up with 16, he says that he loves all of them equal and loves to play with them. He does not have a favorite ferret; all 16 have their own names.

“They’re like slinkies, and stretchy like a rubber band,” Alex said.

They run around his house causing mischief like little elves. Alex also likes to work on cars in his free time, he has a ford mustang, and his ferrets also help him work on his cars when he doesn’t have help from people.

As well as cars and stretchy animals he works at goodwill, following recent trends he goes “thrifting” and finds some pretty cool things. Alex says

“one day my ferrets will probably turn into their own colony and overturn me and I will become their servant.” Personally, I wouldn’t let that slide.