7 Foot Sasquatch Statue Stolen


A sasquatch lawn decoration was stolen from a Michigan home on March 22, 2022.

It might sound really crazy, and that’s because it is. A sasquatch lawn ornament was stolen in Michigan, and police are trying to find the thief.

“The item crafted from sheet metal was stolen from a home in St. Joseph County’s Park Township on or after March 22,” said the Michigan State Police.

This sheet metal sasquatch is a whopping 7 feet tall. There are said to be multiple small details to make this replica as close as the “real” bigfoot.

The Michigan Police said, “It appeared the sasquatch was cut away from a steel post with a pair of bolt cutters or a similar instrument.”

Why would someone want to steal this statue? Better yet, why would someone want this statue in the first place? It must of looked really good or similar to the real thing.

Police said, “A white panel van with dark driver- and passenger-side windows was observed parked in the area.”