Top 5 Rides At Carowinds!!


If you’re planning on visiting Carowinds this spring break here are the top five best rides you should try!!


#5-The Hurler

The Hurler is more of an old-timey themed roller coaster and uses wooden tracks to enhance the experience. It goes over a series of bumps and makes it feel like you’re about to fly out of the coaster.


#4- Carolina Cyclone

The cyclone is filled with lots of twists, turns, loops and corkscrews. It’s a good family ride with a lot of adventure involved.


#3- Copperhead Strike

The Copperhead strike is a newer ride but it definitely a thriller! It incorporates videos to show the storyline and it uses all sorts of flips, twists, and turns.


#2- Fury 325

Many would call this the classic Carowinds ride as it is known for its extremely steep drop and thrilling speeds. However, it does get kidna boring after a while.


#1- The Intimidator

The Intimidator is the best ride, it is almost a mix of the Fury and Cyclone, making it the best ride!