Top 5 Things to do During Spring Break

Top 5 Things to do During Spring Break
  1. Go to “fancy” groceries stores and buy pastries. This is on my list because I have such a sweet tooth and you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound so fun. 


  1. Have a picnic. This one is so cool because who doesn’t love picnics. You can go to a park and look at the ducks swimming in a nearby pond and people watch. 


  1. Go to the beach. This one is obvious. But just in case you forgot, I added it to my list. The beach is very relaxing and you don’t even have to go swimming. You can just go and sit on a blanket and read, watch things, and if you go with others, talk. 


  1. Go shopping. This could be anything. It could be just getting groceries or going to new stores. My favorite thing in the shopping category is going to new places. Sometimes I don’t even buy anything, I just look and enjoy the little things. 


  1. Hangout with friends. This one is also very obvious. You are on a break and don’t have school so it’s the perfect time. My friends and I always go to my one friend’s house and stay up really late and the next day we get breakfast and go do something fun. Plus, all of the things I listed you can do with friends.