Top 5 Spring Break places to eat

Top 5 Spring Break places to eat

#5 – River City Cafe. None of the places I’m putting are in order because I can’t decide which ones are better or not. River city cafe has really nice employees and the food is good. 

#4- Claw house. My friend works there and she told me the food was good. I haven’t eaten there yet but she has brought me food home and it was pretty good. 

#3 – Logans Roadhouse. I’ve been here a bunch of times with my family and the steak is very good. The alcohol is also very cute and good. ( cindy said ) 

#2- El cerro grande. Cindy (my mother) worked at one of the locations in the surfside . The employees are very sweet and so funny. The food is very good. I’m Mexican and obviously most of the restaurants here aren’t authentic Mexican food but El Cerro did have some dishes that are Mexican but overall it is Mexican food. If you like latin food i would recommend this place. 

#1 – Soho steak and seafood sushi bar. I’ve gone there a couple times and the food is so good. It’s expensive but it’s worth it. I also love sushi and my favorite type of food is hibachi.