Top 5 Amusement parks to visit during Spring Break


My number 5 top amusement park to visit is Broadway at the beach. I feel like if you live in myrtle beach and you’re not a tourist, you have been to broadway quite a bit. It’s so close and accessible to people. This is at my 5 because I have already been there so many times, and it’s fun every time cause you can walk around to get food and go on rides. It is a fun family get-out.


My number 4 top amusement park to visit is the Family Kingdom. I have only been to the Family Kingdom maybe 3 times but every time I went it was fun. The Family Kingdom is also a close amusement park to visit, if you want to make that trip, it’s in Myrtle beach. The funnel cake there, if you like funnel cake, is really good. I had funnel cake for the first time when I went there and I have loved it ever since.


My number 3 top amusement park to visit is Carowinds. I have been to Carowinds twice with my dad and my cousin, I faintly remember it but It was fun. I put this at my number 3 because it is fairly “close”, it’s in Charlotte. So if people want to make that trip there it is a great amusement park.


My number 2 top amusement park to visit is Six Flags. I love Six Flags. When I used to live in New York I went with one of my good friends for her birthday, and we went on the giant circle one…Never again, but the other rides were really fun. I faintly remember going on this one ride called Zero Gravity, I thought it was fun but it makes your body feel like you’re stuck to the wall.


My number 1 top amusement park to visit is Universal Studios or Disney. I have only ever been to Universal one time and let me tell you, still to this day my favourite ride was “Splash Mountain”. I made my grandma take me on that ride maybe 5 times and every time, the drop got more and more fun for me for some reason. I also remember going into this dark theatre thing for a Lilo and Stitch surround sound live theatre performance, but everything was mainly dark it was great though, I recommend it if they still have these rides.